About Our Kindergarten

How We Are Different

The location of our preschool facility in a renovated home creates a unique and home-like atmosphere for children and their parents. For more than 40 years, we have been molding children to their fullest potential. The non-institutional impression our childcare center gives promotes the sense of having a second home for the child. We also make sure that your child receives education and care from teachers who have established teaching experience. The loyalty of some of our staff members who stayed for 10 years and more at our preschool facility guarantees very few teacher turnovers. You can trust that your children will be cultivated in a cozy and well-facilitated environment, honed by teachers who treat them as their own.

Our Goals

  1. To accept unconditionally each child for what he or she is as a person.
  2. To treat each child with courtesy and consideration at all times.
  3. To be constantly aware and considerate of each child’s feelings.
  4. To be aware of safety conditions in the classroom, play areas, or while on field trips at all times.
  5. To allow each child to have opportunities for appropriate decision making in order to promote the development of independence.
  6. To give each child the opportunity to develop physically in a safe and secure environment.
  7. To provide an environment which enhances each child’s opportunities to develop and maintain a positive self-image.
  8. To give each child opportunities for success and achievement every day.
  9. To provide each child with an environment that stimulates curiosity and enhances intellectual growth.
  10. To give each child responsibilities that will increase independence.
  11. To help instill in each child a love of learning.
  12. To listen carefully to what each child has to say in order to foster a sense of self-worth.
  13. To demonstrate respect for each child at all times.
  14. To give each child unconditional love at all times.
  15. To make sure that each staff member is a proper role model for every child at all times.
  16. To emphasize the importance of good manners and good morals.
  17. To respect and appreciate individual differences among the children and to encourage each child to do the same.
  18. To help each child understand the meaning of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.