Normally, our Summer Camp is headquartered at China Grove Elementary (accessible on the S. Myrtle Street side). The school closes Monday-Thursday at 4 p.m. and all day on Fridays. Children are transported to 417 N. Main Street (the South Rowan Academy office building) every day at 4 p.m. Children should be dropped off and picked up at the Main Street location on Fridays. If you are interested in DSS-subsidized summer camp care, our subsidized camp is located at 413 N. Main Street (our preschool facility).

Summer Camp (5-11 years) 2020 Rates

Registration:ย $30/child (one time fee, if not already enrolled in after school)ย Full-time Rate:ย $154 per week per rising kindergartner and $140 per week per school-age child (ages 6-11) ($10 discount on each additional child enrolled in full-time). INCLUDES field trip and transportation costs!ย NOTE: Full-time Tuition is due weekly for a minimum ofย 8 weeksย (excludes one-week tuition-free vacation). Full-time is NOT based on attendance; you are paying for a spot for the entire summer camp.ย Part-time* Rate:ย $160/week per child (no discount given) or $630/month with $10 discount. Includes field trips and transportation costs!(*NOTE:ย ย Due to our space limitations, right now, we are unable to offer care at a part-time rate.ย If you only need part-time care, we can keep your child on our waitlist and let you know if we have space available. If approved, parents must call us and let us know when their child is coming each week.)
You will receive ADDITIONAL paperwork that must be completed before your child can start. Please make sure you are aware of tuition due dates and you start your child on a date when you can pay the tuition at the proper time.